Redefining National Grid’s visual communications.

National Grid

The challenge

National Grid faced an identity crisis. Their communications were disjointed and lacked cohesion. A myriad different styles existed throughout the business and the company lacked a unifying visual style. Our task was to develop a system that would create a strong cohesive identity across the business as well as change stakeholder perception of National Grid.

Existing logo

The solution

From extensive research with stakeholders we developed a visual language which brought together the different parts of the business under one defining look and feel. We created the concept of lines and pipes as a starting point and developed this idea for all marketing communications.

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What the client said

“Simplify’s team is responsive, flexible, and has responded to the brief with cost effective, creative, confident and versatile visual solutions.”

Donald Johnson
Brand Communications Manager

Benefits of the rebrand:

  • provides a central unifying idea around which all communications are aligned
  • unifies the different parts of the business
  • provides consistency over all marketing channels
  • helps grow the company
  • reassures and gives confidence to clients
  • is distinctive and consistent
  • engenders pride among the employees and stakeholders
  • provides clarity and inspiration to employees.

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