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Graphic design establishes the visual characteristics of a brand identity. We apply great design to stunning effect across all the communication pathways.

The graphic presentation of a brand, the brand identity, is the visual interpretation of the brand’s values. It illustrates and reflects the way an organisation or product behaves, communicates and delivers on its promises.

At Simplify, our skill is using design to convey brand values positively. We create brand identities that are simple and beautifully crafted, that are highly effective in building trust with audiences, and which realise marketplace differentiation.

Our many years of experience as brand consultants and designers have given us an almost instinctive understanding of what is required to visualise a brand in all its applications. Importantly, we involve our designers throughout the brand creation process from the initial briefing to implementation and delivery.

Whether refreshing an existing brand or creating an entirely new presentation, Simplify has a proven record for helping organisations rebrand and communicate in the most effective way.

Corporate identity
A corporate identity revolves around the central brand pillars of graphic presentation, communications and organisational behaviour. We are expert at establishing and developing visual programmes that communicate these core values and help establish a unique proposition in the marketplace.

Corporate literature
Printed materials remain a key marketing tool for B2B and B2C organisations in both the public and private sectors. Our partners began their careers designing and producing literature and it is something we still excel at.

Brand development
To stand still is to lose ground in today’s competitive environment. Through the longevity of our client relationships we have witnessed the need for many clients to evolve their brands in light of changing marketplace dynamics. Our work on the brand identity for National Grid is a good example of how we manage this effectively and add value to internal and external communications.

Employee engagement
Simplify has extensive experience in developing communications campaigns that connect employees with core values and corporate strategies. People instinctively want to do a good job at their work and be allowed to feel proud of doing so. We originate and implement targeted programmes that help create the conditions for that to happen.

Property marketing
We have been involved with property marketing throughout the 20 year life of our agency and have developed expertise across all the traditional and electronic sales and communications channels. Today, Simplify supports developers and agents alike with effective multi-media marketing campaigns for properties in London and beyond.

Interior design
Developing a two dimensional brand identity design into a three dimensional space requires special skills. Our in-house capabilities enable us to do this. We work seamlessly on branding projects that translate into corporate office, sales, exhibition, restaurant and retail environments.

Website and online marketing
A website is generally the first point of contact between an organisation and its customers, prospects and future employees. Technology is changing fast and with majority of iternet traffic coming from mobile users, and a ‘mobile first’ strategy is the current trend. Technology will inevitably evolve and trends will change, but what will always be crucial is to create the right first impression and immerse visitors in a memorable online brand experience. Our teams of designers and digital technicians are expert in building engaging websites that enable an organisation to evolve, grow and communicate effectively.

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