25 November 2015 By Peter Ward

Smash Nutrition launches new brand

Smash Nutrition is launching a range of high protein drink powder products made with a unique range of innovative ingredients – including cricket flour. The powder also contains a range of other natural protein sources including soy, buckwheat, casein and egg white.

Smash logo

CEO of Smash Nutrition, Robert Bordi comments:
“Smash Nutrition was borne out of personal frustration. When I’m training hard and trying to satisfy my protein requirements, it’s hard to avoid red meat. But the alternatives – other than pure whey – contained highly dubious additional ingredients. That led me to a new and superior protein source, cricket flour, which is far higher in protein than steak.”

Robert approached us to create an identity for his innovative product, having previously worked with us. The identity needed to be iconic and innovative to represent his vision for the brand. We are currently working on a website and packaging which will be launching soon.