Year: 2019

A greener restart

National Grid has reliable plans in place should there be a total or partial blackout of the UK’s electricity transmission system. Until now it has relied predominantly on fossil fuels.

To help communicate a multi-faceted alternative, using smaller and greener energy sources Simplify created a film about the project. It’s called ‘Distributed Restart’ and it welcomes future energy generators and skilled people to partner National Grid on their journey to a cleaner, greener future.

Enjoy the film here.

Online charity shop goes live

Simplify rebranded Essex & Herts Air Ambulance in 2016. Since then we have helped implement their brand across multiple channels, generating vital funds to support their life-saving operations. The most recent is the launch of their online shop which went live today.

Click here to visit the website.

Making musculoskeletal health front of mind

Simplfy recently created a screensaver animation for National Grid employees to raise awareness about musculoskeletal health. The screensaver is currently being deployed across the business and highlights simple ways to avoid back and neck pain.

Click here to see the animation.

New brand for toy collection website.

We’ve created a new brand for toy collection website Digjack. It’s “The place to buy and sell vintage and collectible toys.” The website is due to launch in February 2019. Watch this space for further updates.


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