Your brand strategy is the foundation on which all other brand activities are built. Its rationale encapsulates the drivers that will help you establish a unique brand proposition.

What do you want your audience to think when it encounters your brand? Developing a structured brand strategy will underpin the activities required to guide those thoughts and ensure a positive response. In essence, a brand strategy defines a set of unique values relative to the goals you have set for your organisation, products or services. It provides a focused stream of consciousness from which appropriate brand graphics, communications and behaviours can be developed.

Brand identity

At Simplify we are well versed in the strategic thinking required to develop brand identity systems that create memorable impressions, achieve differentiation in the marketplace and build brand loyalty. We do this by evolving a brand visual language designed to stimulate interest, engage with your audience and communicate your brand’s values.

Tailored brand programmes

We have developed a unique process that defines where your brand is now and helps identify what needs to be done to achieve your brand aspirations going forward. Activities may include evaluation of current brand marketing together with ideas to maximise brand impact and return on investment. Each programme is individually tailored with options ranging from brand research and analysis to brand naming proposals and brand graphics.

Brand auditing

Depending on your needs, a Simplify strategic brand audit may include:

Analysing brand objectives and achievements

  • Stakeholder feedback
  • Customer comments
  • Advocates / press coverage
  • Employee feedback

Brand metrics

  • Brand KPIs
  • Customer experiences at brand touch points

Brand consistency

  • Tone of voice, logo usage, straplines, typography, colours
  • Use of brand guidelines / brand toolkit

Brand positioning

As part of your brand strategy we will establish a brand positioning statement against which all brand activities can be judged. Brand positioning enables benchmarking and discussion as to how successfully your brand is adding value when communicating with your important audiences.

Brand architecture

In business, nothing ever happens in isolation. By defining a brand’s architecture we identify how the brand fits within the wider corporate proposition and therefore how it adds value to your organisation and stakeholders as a whole.

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